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2022 NYSPHA Recommendation Letters to Gov. Hochul

NYSPHA has written to the Governor with our recommendations to sign (or not) specific bills that have passed the legislature and are awaiting the Governor's signature.

8/26/2022. NYSPHA recommends signing A9348 to establish a fentanyl abuse and overdose prevention task force to conduct a comprehensive study on fentanyl abuse and overdose prevention and to report on the findings and recommendations, with suggested modifications. Click here to read the letter. 

8/19/2022- NYSPHA Recommends signing A9080-A/S8046-A (Hevesi/Mannion) relating to a study of the number of children in foster care who have a developmental disability, with suggested improvements. Click here to read the letter.

8/19/2022 - NYSPHA recommends you sign A7357 to establish a pilot program to create an assistance hotline for individuals wit intellectual and developmental disabilities and complex behavioral needs. Click here to read the letter. 

7/10/2022-  NYSPHA signed on to a letter to Governor Hochul recommending that she sign S6522A/A7363A to ban medical liens and wage garnishments, and S2521C/A3470C to ban facility fees for all preventative care. Click here  to read the letter.

6/10/2022 - NYSPHA recommends you sign A2085-A to clarify insurance coverage for colorectal cancer screening. Click here to read the letter.

6/10/2022 - NYSPHA recommends you sign A1741-A to ensure that all healthcare copays count toward a patient's out-of-pocket expenses for purposes of determining their health insurance coverage. Click here to read the letter.

6/10/2022 - NYSPHA recommends you sign S6287C, which requires child care providers and healthcare providers be provided with informational materials on the impacts and dangers of congenital cytomegalovirus infection. We also recommend that you direct the NYS Department of Health to include information on a number of other infectious diseases that cause congenital infection and that can be prevented through vaccination and other means. Click here to read the letter. 

5/21/2022 - NYSPHA recommends the Governor sign A9288/S8447 (Gottfried/Rivera) amending the Social Services Law relating to the provision of services by school-based health centers.  Click <here> to read the letter.

5/21/2022 - NYSPHA Recommends the Governor sign S5734A/6202A (Ryan/Barrett).  The Bill requires a study of the issues impacting the continuum of caregiving in the state. Click <here> to read the letter.

5/21/2022 - NYSPHA Recommends the Governor sign A4908/S8320 to establish a task force to identify evidence-based and evidence-informed solutions to reduce children's exposure to adverse childhood experiences. Click <here> to read the letter.

5/21/2022 - NYSPHA Recommends revisions of S345: development of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) training. Click <here> to read the letter.

To read this years' Legislative Agendas, click here

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