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The New York State Public Health Association (NYSPHA) invites you to apply for a position on our Board of Directors.

We are seeking two separate positions:

  • Board Member at-large (3-year term, 4 seats available
  • Student Representative (1-year term, 1 seat available)

We are seeking a diverse group of candidates who represent the state geographically, work in a variety of public health or related disciplines, are at various points in their careers, and represent the demographics of New York State. Our intent is to include voices from a variety of communities, state and local level organizations, and public health interests.

Board membership affords the opportunity to expand your network and lend your voice to advocate for public health. The Board of Directors holds monthly virtual meetings as well as an in-person meeting ever year at our annual partnership conference. The time commitment is approximately 12-16 hours per month and an annual financial donation is required. More information on Board Member Roles and Responsibilities is included at the end of this document.

To help ensure our Board is comprised of individuals with as much diverse professional expertise/experience and geographical representation as possible, the Board Nominating Committee will review all submissions and use an interview process to nominate a slate of candidates that best meets the current needs of the organization. Members will vote for this slate of candidates online April 25-May 1. Therefore, depending on current board composition needs and number of applications received, it is possible that not all applicants will have their name forwarded for NYSPHA member voting. If your application is not advanced this year, we encourage you to apply again in the future. Priority will be given to those applicants who have served on committees and/or actively contribute to NYSPHA activities.

To apply, please submit your resume or CV and a cover letter describing your qualifications, your interest in seeking a board position, and how you plan to contribute to advance our mission to Denise Tahara no later than March 17th, 2023. Any application missing one of these documents will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed. Please indicate that you are applying for a board position in the subject line of your email.

All candidates on the final slate for voting must be NYSPHA members in good standing. Please click here to become a member.

If you do not feel you are in a position to run for our Board of Directors this year but want to get involved with NYSPHA, we are also seeking members for our committees. We have active committees in Policy and Advocacy, Membership and Communications, Public Health in Action, Event Planning and Education, and Fund Development. Please click here for more information.

For questions about the board application process or if interested in joining any of our committees, please contact Denise Tahara at

We hope you will join other thought leaders and translate your passion and skills into shaping public health and providing a voice to promote health equity for all New Yorkers!


Denise Tahara, PhD
Chair, Board Nominating Committee
Immediate Past President, NYSPHA


Board Member Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Be a NYSPHA member in good standing.
  • Participate in all monthly Board meetings including an in-person meeting at our annual public health partnership conference.
  • Actively participate in at least one of NYSPHA’s committees in your first year (participation in more than one committee is strongly encouraged) and be prepared to chair or co-chair a committee starting in your second year, depending on Board needs.
  • Routinely review NYSPHA programs, policies, and activities to ensure that it is responsive to the interests of the membership.
  • Review the annual budget proposed by the Treasurer; adopt, as revised, by the start of the fiscal year.
  • Be responsive to the needs of the President and Executive Board and take on assignments as needed.
  • Attend the Annual NYS Public Health Partnership Conference.

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