COVID-19 Testing in Schools

It’s been nearly two years since COVID-19 began sweeping its way through the United States, putting millions out of work, shutting down businesses and closing schools. There’s no doubt the pandemic has affected all Americans, but most would argue, our youth has been hit especially hard on multiple fronts – a breakdown of routine, social isolation and learning interruptions as a result of the unprecedented shift to remote learning. 

However, teachers, school staff and administrators worked tirelessly to reduce those effects by providing high quality education despite the circumstances and impact on their lives. As the school year continues, actions must be taken to ensure we don’t return back to how things were and keep children in the classroom.   

While vaccinations continue to help put the worst of COVID-19 behind us, that does not mean that public health measures can relax yet. The critical vaccination threshold for herd immunity, 70%, has not yet been reached in the United States, which means that infected people can still spread the virus. This group of people who can become infected creates space for new variants to emerge, with increasing transmissibility and even the possibility of eluding the protection offered by current vaccines. 

There are multiple strategies put in place to help limit the risk of COVID-19 spreading within schools and the community, including masking, social distancing, temperature taking. Although data shows these mitigation efforts lowers the risk of viral spread, the goal should be minimizing the spread of the virus in the school community. The most effective way to do this is identifying infected individuals through testing for COVID-19 and keep them away from schools and children.

Comprehensive K-12 coronavirus testing can be quickly implemented in schools and supported by government funds. With pooled sampling to keep costs more efficient, swabbing done quickly by students themselves, and prepaid return shipping to the testing facility, this program is designed to make in-school coronavirus testing an easy reality for students, educators and parents alike. To learn more about how to implement a coronavirus testing program, click here.

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